Lol wuts this


Got a ton of stuff done this weekend, I'm in the final stretches of my capstone project, but its sadly at the expense of time for working on my other 2 projects right now.

I just need to render a few animations, and then begin the fun part.

As a small catch up to what I'm doing, I'm creating a use guide for E-readers, basically I have an E-reader I modeled(based off the Nook simple touch) and I'm going to go through the menus and screens and talk about what they do and how to navigate them. All the screens are made, and my plan was to use after effects to overlay short animations for the touch gestures.


My professor said he'd prefer no hands to actually be in the video, so I'm trying to figure out how to relay that information without using hands. Every time I google for references of like touch gestures, they all have hands, obviously.

I was thinking of making like a circle that pulses out for the "tap the screen" one, and then for like swiping just a circle that moves along the path of an arrow with the arrowhead facing the direction of the swipe. Nook simple touch's don't get very in depth so I think those two animations would be all I need, and then maybe a simple like box to highlight areas of the screen I'm talking about.


I'm just not sure how to go about creating the actual animations initially. I know how to overlay stuff in After effects, but I don't know much of actual like animating outside of 3ds max lol.

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