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Really though, I don't know how to even talk about the stuff I like without me in my mind sounding completely needy. Whatever. It's required so I'm not the guy you don't know how to shop for. A gift to me is meaningful no matter what it is, because it really is the thought that counts. Remember, that the manner of giving is always worth more than the gift. Whomever I recieve a gift from I will truly appreciate it whatever it is. Likewise I hope I can really find something for whomever my partner is, that will brighten up their day.

So with all the mushy stuff out of the way, let's do it, and have some HOLIDAY FUN. Also beware, I may be in the giving mood so much you might just get random Target related junk too. ;)


Franchises I like: Nintendo! Pokemon, Zelda, Mario, you name it! Atlus Rpgs are my jam. Tales of Series is great too, love the games even though they take me a really long time to finish. Really a huge fan of used copies of xenoblade chronicles.... Final Fantasy/ Kingdom Hearts/ Square enix junk.

Non Video Game stuff: Game of Thrones. Doctor Who. Fullmetal Achemist. Soul Eater. Death Note (Really get into it hardcore like once a year). Walking Dead. Breaking Bad. Once Upon a Time (The Feels!!) Misfits (UK tv series, not the band... ew)


Genres I enjoy most: RPGS/ JRPGS/ Action Games/Dungeon Crawler. Mostly anything that's not sports. If you wanna play sports go do it for real? Games that have wayyy too much to do, so they are fun and fresh when I come back to them months later.

Systems I own:Wii, Wii U, PS3, PSVITA, 3DS, PC, Xbox 360

Items I collect: Gamer collectibles, LEGOS are my non gaming thing I sometimes buy. I have some books... a lot actually, but I never really finish em all the way through. Eragon box set still sitting on my shelf with only the first one read. I also have a bad habit of getting collector's edition/hardcover video game guides.


Shirt Size: Medium-Large. Depends on fit really. I'm literally an "average" sized guy.

I also like anything relevant to 3D art. It's a field I'm trying to get into, obviously based around being in the Game Industry, but I learn a lot from any behind the scenes stuff on dvds and junk like that.

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