Lol wuts this


I'm pretty chill and feel weird specifically writing down stuff for you to buy me, but since you're oh so inclined I'll let ya in on a little secret.


I like video games, love the darn things, play em every day.

I also love things related to video games, I go crazy over anything related to series I love.


Series I really love are in no particular order,

Kingdom Hearts

Final Fantasy



Nintendo- pretty much anything here hah. (Amiibos are all the rage, but I don't own smash myself, my roommate does :/)


I'm also a hardcore fan/lover of all thingsDisney Infinity, I have everything from series 1 except the 3rd set of power discs, and for series 2 I have all of the Marvel related characters and play sets. I've stayed away from the originals for the very purpose of leaving people with gift options for me.

Also pokecenter just released this year, anything pokemon from there would be awesome. I love ghosts and psychic pokes!


I do enjoy anime, but besides like little trinkets or keychains and stuff like that I'm not too big on actual merchandise for it. Cool posters are always welcome though.

Fullmetal Alchemist, Log Horizon, Sword Art Online, Soul Eater, and Death Note have probably been some of my favorite mainstream series, and other smaller series I've watched range anywhere from The Devil is a Part Timer to stuff like Durarara!!! and Steins Gate, but I'm always open into getting involved with new stuff.


I have all last gen systems, I play my vita and 3ds pretty much every day, so anything for that is welcome, but typing out a whole list of games I actually have for it would take a while. I'll update this a little more when I have more time if it's relayed to me that it's needed.

I love art books as well, I have a ton of em, and they are just one of my favorite things to collect and look through from time to time.


I fit a medium size shirt on average, but sometimes you just gotta go large if they are a little more snug, same for hoodies.

Feel free to have one of the leaders contact me if needed, If you're interested in getting me a game or something I can type out a full list of what I have a little later.


Thanks! Happy Santa Party!

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