Lol wuts this
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Grad School is Lame

This is nothing like I thought it would be.

The GA part is great, helping out the underclassmen in all the classes for my major is fun. I enjoy doing that 100%.


What I'm not enjoying right now is these dumb classes. I've been doing art and 3d Work for the past 4 years, and now suddenly in my grad school theres all these requirements for management courses and stuff. I don't have any of this prior knowledge. I am literally unable to do the homework and post responses intelligently on the *daily* threaded discussions without hours of work and research into learning this things I'm already "supposed" to know.

The fact that my Grad School for my major falls under the masters of technology does not make sense to me. And this weekend of nonstop homework is going to drive me insane.


I've just barely gotten a grasp onto how to best handle that stupid technology research class I was asking all of tay about the other day, but even that class requires so much research for just short answers and daily stuff. Why do I have to cite something that is based on my opinion as an answer to your question? I don't get it. Let me go back to modeling and rigging. The stuff I enjoy. kthx.

tayblog :|

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