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Since so many of you have been kind enough to show some interest in the craziness that's been going on in my life recently, you may be happy to learn that today I handled it. Pretty much thanks to all your support it gave me the balls to actually go and say something, instead of be passive about it like I usually am.

After I met with my adviser I decided to ask him about the best way to approach it moving forward, and after explaining the whole situation he told me he was actually one of the people on the board for student conduct issues, so he had some pretty strong connections and some great advice to help me get through this.


He then proceeded to call the director of the student conduct committee, and from there handed me the phone and let me talk with this guy directly. I set up to go meet him pretty much as soon as I left my advisers office.

When I got there, we talked I explained the entire situation, and he told me he could see that I was telling the truth and just closed it off right there. It was done and I'm off probation like it never happened.


He said there was another person who they contacted, but that guy actually came clean about it saying he was putting stuff on the drive, and that I was tied into it because of that initial thing with the detective. (Worth noting here, which I just learned today, that the detective case was a completely separate police department thing before it was sent to the student conduct committee. Which could of ended up being criminal charges.) The two cases got lumped together in their system so when he got sent his message, I got sent one too.

The weird part was that they said they tried to contact me 2 months ago, and even had an email tracker saying the email went out. I never received it, and when he checked the tracker it showed that.


As glad as I am to be out of this whole mess, it seems like it could have been avoided if they maybe tried to contact me again within the past 2 months before just casting judgement on the issue.

Thanks for all the heartache and stress. >.<

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