Lol wuts this

Well after a month of on and off communication I finally recieved my graduation Audit. I in fact will not be walking in 2 weeks like I thought I would be. I was to believe that I only needed 6 credits, a speech class, and a management class. To my surprise I need those and 7 random credits. Anything, electives I guess. Like why no one told me I needed this before is shocking, as I've gone in and gotten advising every semester. I was to believe that if I took all the required gen eds, and all of the classes in my major I would be set. But here I am 7 credits short of graduating, and 1 credit over being allowed to walk early.

We only have 2 commencement ceremonies, spring and fall, April and December respectively. I was going to be finished with my classes in June, but now knowing that I need the 7 more I am not allowed to walk in April because you can only walk with 12 or fewer credits remaining (Full time allowed for a spring/summer semester).


I am just extremely bummed out, mainly because thats 7 more credits I have to pay for this fall. I'm done with financial aid, I don't want to dig myself deeper, and I already planned on paying this summer semester (2000$) with what little savings I had from when I was working back last summer. These last two semesters I had to take a leave because I couldn't deal with target not working with my school schedule, and taking 5 major classes in one semester was already killing me on time.

I guess I'll just go back to work at target, or try to find a better job. Finish off this semester and the 2 classes next semester, and then save up so I can afford fall classes.


Looks like I'm not moving out of my parents any time soon either. This news just really bummed me out.

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