Lol wuts this

I need help.

I dunno what to even begin writing about for this research topic proposal.

The paper is for my patterns and change in technology and culture course. The course title is nonsense, so is the rest of the entire class.


My paper is a 10 page research paper based on a specific social impact of american technology that suggests a pattern of change or continuity. It has to be a "specific and narrow focus" I just am at a complete loss on what to even write about. The real issue is the american technology part. I wanted to related it to video games or 3d work or something to make this masters apply more to what I've been studying the past few years, but right now I got nothing. Kinda sucks. :|

This is more for just venting, cuz that's what I do, but if anyone reads this and has any ideas I'm all ears. :D

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