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Speeches for Analysis?

I have to write a speech analysis paper, but I also have to go to work for the entire rest of the day in a few minutes here, so I won't get to spend my day perusing the interwebs looking for a speech to write about.

Does anyone know of any relatively short (5-10 minutes) speeches that aren't hugely popular (aka MLK jr.)


Honestly I'd love to do one on something related to video games or technology, and was probably going to default to a short ted talk if I couldn't find anything else.

But I come to TAY asking for any suggestions, because who knows, some of you might have some pretty sweet thing you've watched before on hand to share.


The newer the better as well.

EDIT: Needs to be a visual representation of the speech being presented, the paper is on the analysis of how effective the person presents it. :X

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