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Lol wuts this

I really need to finish Ni No Kuni. Like I need to sit down and do it. When I do sit down to play I enjoy the time, I love the game, and the grinding in it isn't so bad. My issue is that whenever I play it, I have a stronger urge to play other games.

I don't know why something like my hobby should be so difficult to do. I want to just play through these games, and enjoy them, but I want to play so many different things at once.

Just this morning I woke up, and after taking care of some of the chores that everyone else neglected to do, I have the strongest feeling to go back to playing Pokemon. I need to resist that as much as I can, because if I do that means I'll be stuck on it for a week or something.


This is my week vacation before my spring class starts up and I have to go back to work so I really want to clear up the backlog. Just need to resist the pull from every single game and focus on one. :/

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