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Tips for Persona 4?

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I just started this game the other day and so far it's been great.

But like all jrpg's there is a slew of completely random and crazy things to keep track of, and Persona definitely has not been shy on adding in features.


I know last year TAY was abuzz with everyone talking about it, so I'm asking the vets for some tips while I'm making my way through this game.

As for a guideline of how far I am, I just started going through the dungeon to get Yukiko, and every other day I've been going to soccer practice as well as hanging out with my buds.


Gotta stay social, I've picked up that much. But what about fusing and junk? I don't want to fuse my main Izanagi guy, unless I can just get him back, I think that's what Margaret was saying, is that I can just get the ones I've logged before back at any time? Idk, so confused!

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