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Work Sucks

So yesterday was my first day back at Target.

It was horrid. I honestly forgot how much stupid stuff you have to do there, and the customers can be really rude for no damn reason. Yesterday I got yelled at by some woman, because I was "ignoring her" while I was ringing out another customer.


So once I finally finished with the one guy, I turned around to talk with her, and she just had a bad attitude, and she was asking about the mobile phones, and I politely told her, that's not anything I know about because target mobile is separate from my area. I cannot check stock on their products or anything like that because it is handled separately from the main store. I politely told her that the mobile guy went home sick today and that he lists his hours of operation at the kiosk, and there's a number you can always call to reach him. She just turned around and started grumbling about how I wasted her time, and that she doesn't want to drive all the way back here to ask a question.

Sure that was just one person, but it was still pretty irritating.

Then on the actual work side of things, despite being my first day back after 8 months, they tried to throw all these side projects on me, and I told them I can do my best but I don't remember how to do most of the stuff.


It was just bad, I need to look for a better job, it's something bringing in income right now, but I will not stay there through the rest of this year.

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