Lol wuts this

Seriously just lost points in my threaded discussion assignment from last week because I responded to someone who asked me a question today.

The professor said "I appreciate your effort to catch up, and while you met all of the required criteria, I have to mark you down because you responded past the scheduled dates."


Are you serious? I met all the required stuff by the right times, which was post my own answer thursday, and respond to at least 3 more on friday and saturday. I went beyond that and actually responded to most of them friday and yesterday.

Someone was just having a literal discussion with me, about your silly made up topic, and because I decided to be a decent human being and answer their question I lose points because it was TODAY?


This makes no sense, what the heck. I'm not gunna make it through this semester gang.

Even crazier update:

I asked my other prof about the concept of the operant learning theory, because he just asked us to answer a question about it with no context given. I said I don't fully understand it and the internet was giving me mixed answers for the context he wanted the answer in.


His email response was "Mr. Z, if you think you cannot fulfill the requirements of the class, I highly recommend that you drop the course."

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