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So as some of you know, last month I had a fun time having to go down to my schools police station to be interrogated about them finding pirated software on the public drive under my name.

I went in, told the truth, which was that I knew exactly what the software was (I'm not oblivious, it was related to the stuff I do on a daily basis), but it was not software I use, nor was I the one who uploaded it to the public drive.


Today I received an email that I am now on academic probation, and I can either accept these terms and just deal with it ( I do not know what exactly this entails, and am having trouble finding information on it) or I can sign to decline that, and invoke my rights to formal procedures, more of which I do not fully understand what that would be either.

So as an overall update for the past month, I present at the undergraduate symposium, a highly regarded fair to display the workings of the "more passionately devoted" undergraduate students.


I find out I'm not graduating because I didn't take 7 credits worth of extra classes beyond taking everything I'm required to take to satisfy both my major and general education requirement needs. This is after meeting advisers from my college multiple times and being told I was in fact on track and good to go.

Then this week I am notified that I am receiving my college's 2013 Outstanding Student scholar award out of everyone in my major.


And then a day after actually receiving the award, I get an email notifying me I'm now on academic probation.

Constant ups and downs, and all these calls are made by the dean and co-dean of my college so I don't quite understand what they are doing. They have to know I am the same guy, I mean I've met these people plenty of times, and I shook both their hands last night. WTF is exactly going on here?

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